About Us

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Lonetree Medical Donation  is a Colorado corporation created to receive donated bodies for the purpose of advancing medical education and research. Advancements in education and/or research rely on the support and generosity of anatomical donation to help meet scientific and healthcare missions. Lonetree Medical Donation, LLC adheres to the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (UAGA), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to protect donor confidentiality, as well as Standards for Non-Transplant Anatomical Donation set forth by the American Medical Education and Research Association (AMERA).  Please review AMERA Standards 3rd Addition.

The giving of one’s body at the time of death for anatomical study is truly a noble and commendable act. It is a gift of infinite value both now, and to future generations.

To schedule an appointment or speak to one of our family coordinators, please call: 720.515.9215 or ONLINE.